Atomic Aquatics Buoyancy Compensator Revealed!

Atomic BCD

Check out Atomic’s new BC’s with tons a revolutionary diving features, not just gimmicks, but a whole new BC. Lets be honest, a buoyancy compensator jacket can’t really be reconfigured for diving as we know it. It needs to have certain features like, holding the tank, integrating your diving weight system, holding air in your diving bladder so that it does not shift as your roll and pivot during your dive. All jackets need a way to add air… These things we take for granted as a diver. What did Atomic do differently? Its armed with the easiest tank strap ever. If you have multiple size dive tanks, you’ll love this feature. Its weight system is the easier to insert and clip in with confidence. This version, and we are told by secret Atomic sources that we will see this jacket in several materials. Initially available in a new material that does not hold water, leaving the BC dry, also this reducing weight when traveling and waiting for your gear to dry. What we loved about this bc, its features aren’t new to divers, so using it will be as easy as using what you have now, but its a completely new way of construction. We will see our first ones in the Spring of 2017. Thank you Atomic Aquatics&lt?