GoPro Backscatter Accessories in Stock!

backscatter gopro filterNew Backscatter GoPro flip filters from Backscatter Video now in stock for your GoPro Models 3 through 5 .  This high quality filter set allows the diver to quickly change filters by quickly flipping a lens.  How many times have we had the lens dangle in font of the camera or the line from it?  Or worse, miss a shot because we were fumbling with the lenses or filters.  Easily mounts to your dive housing, make from machined aluminum its designed to last.  There are many Backscatter Gopro filters to choose from, freshwater to salt water.

Why does the GoPro Need  Filter?

As divers descend underwater light is absorbed by the water.  The deeper the diver goes, the greater the absorbsion.  In order to bring back those colors, you can use a filter.  This kit pictured here has three filters, For 5-20ft, 20-50ft and 50ft+ of depth.  There’s also filters available for Light and Motions Night Sea Light with we can demonstrate for you in store too.

As underwater photographers progress we learn that the color depth changes often so in order to bring back those colors, you can now flip the filter and you correct for the loss of color at depth.  We also have arm trays and lights in stock.