New Advanced Scuba Certification!

Advanced scuba certification Class

Scuba certification class

Congratulations Advanced Scuba Certification Divers!

Almost every weekend we offer a variety of advanced scuba certification classes. Congraduations to recent Night & Limited Visibility Diving scuba certification graduates from this spring with new veteran Scuba Instructor Mike Kohler.  The season for scuba diving is starting in North Texas and its easy to earn more advanced scuba certification cards.  All you need to do is scuba dive, grab your gear and get to the lake.  Even if you’re not into the lake we offer trips to Cozumel, Roatan, La Paz and more where you can earn your advanced scuba certification in paradise!  We will set it up so your homework is done before your trip, all you have to do is dive.  Most of our scuba trips are led by instructors who can properly guide you through.  Newly certified divers can take advanced scuba certification courses right away!

Advanced Buoyancy Control, Underwater Navigation Diver, Night & Limited Visitvility Diver and Search & Recovery are some of the most popular advanced scuba certifications, check out the full list.  Some of the advanced scuba certifications require more dives than others, but all are part of the advanced diver program.  If you earn four of. These certifications then you earn SDI’s Advanced Scuba Diver Certification!  Which shows that you’ve done at least 25 logged dives and earned 4 advanced scuba certification ratings.  Some certifications are better off in environments best suited for that diving, for instance ice diving would be best up north, way up north.  Cave diving is best to gain experience in Florida or near Playa Del Carmen Mx.  We’re always offering trips to Mexico and Flower Gardens.  Stop by Blue Sea Adventures in Garland to see and talk to Neal, store manager and SDI scuba instructor, who is an expert in advanced scuba certification classes.