New Aria Full Face Snorkeling Mask Provides Unlimited Vision

Ocean Reef Aria Mask

Providing new nearly unlimited vision in a full face mask, the Aria by Ocean Reef is a revolutionary product that we hope will allow divers to try snorkeling and maybe lead to an interest in diving.  Whats different  than  typical snorkeling sets is greatly improved vision, fog free diving and no jaw fatigue.  You’ll also notice that this mask has a divided mouth and nose chamber from the eyes.  This allows a one way flow of air in the mask keeping it fog free.  The snorkel is at the very top of the mask and is optimally positioned to stay out of the water.  The snorkel has optional color markers to allow snorkelers to make their mask unique.  Prescriptions are easy with the optional optical lens frame, you simply take the frame to any lens maker of your choice and it clips into the mask easily.   When out of the water the lenses can be used as water sports glasses.   We don’t recommend this mask for free diving, its for snorkelers at shallow depths.  Aria mask by Ocean Reef comes in 3 different sizes and many colors, Orange, Blue, Grey, Black, White and Pink.  Aria mask is IN STOCK at Blue Sea Adventures.