Scuba on Cozumel Dive Trips

cozumel dive trip moray eel

cozumel dive trip moray eel

Moray Eel

On our Cozumel Dive Trip

Cozumel is on every Divers check list list from around the world.  Its not just the diving, its also the atmosphere that scuba divers come back for year after year.  In the past few years Cozumel as undergone a revitalization that makes the downtown center large as many of our own with all the amenities too.  For me is a great place to shop and intentionally leave space in my bag for.   I also don’t forget to bring some extra change for dining, whereas its still inexpensive compared to Dallas restaurants but the flavors and freshness of seafood you cannot get here.  Our favorite hotel for Cozumel dive trips, is the Hotel Cozumel.  We’re not claiming its the best hotel on the island for service and food, however it has several amenities that make it one of the best on the island.   Hotel Cozumel is located on the within walking distance of downtown shopping and new cruise ship pier with shops and restaurants.

Scuba Diving Cozumel Dive Trips

Hotel Cozumel is our favorite for Cozumel dive trips.  The main reason being is that our dive shop is right in front of the hotel, making access easy and inexpensive.  Every morning we will walk across the street to our dive shop and board 40′ dive boats built for approximately 16 divers.  Reefs and fish life vary depending on time of year, and water conditions.  Santa Rosa reef brings the love of diving back again each time.  Its incredibly lush coral heads, soft corals and sponges create a background for visiting turtles, lobsters, sharks, yellowfin tuna, trigger fish, rays, eels, whatever you can name in the Caribbean, you’ll find it on this reef.  Its no secret that the currents in Cozumel can be stiff, when diving there it’s necessary to have great buoyancy.  Many diver choose to take our Advanced Buoyancy Control Diver Course in order to improve their skills, to prevent crashing into the reef, or an unexpected change in depth.

What to bring on our Cozumel Dive Trip

All your gear of course and you!  Most dive gear sets will fit well into a checked bag.  The best wetsuit depends on what time of year you are diving.  Between December and March, the water can be chilly so some divers recommend even going to a 7mm suit or 5mm minimal and hood for those trying to make the most of their dive.  With frequent hydroids and jellies in the water a hood or beanie is not a bad idea anyway.  The rest of the season a 3mm suit is what we recommend on your Cozumel dive trip.  The topside can be warm, but we are worried about the colder currents coming up the walls.  Dive lights are a must, as night dives in Cozumel always give you a chance of seeing octopuses, seahorses, crabs, lobsters and stars.

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