Selecting Your Fins

Atomic X1 Fin

When you select your fins there’s several things to remember that might help you achieve the perfect fin for you.  Just outside Dallas we carry a large variety of scuba diving fins including Atomic Split Fins and the new X1 Blade Fin.

Here’s a few things to consider:


  • Open Heel, adjustable fins have the best variable fit and work with diving boots.  When you are diving on shores, beaches or even locally in Dallas this is the best choice.
  • Full Foot fins are great for some boat divers but many lack sufficient thrust for scuba diving.


  • Spring Straps make life much easier period and last longer.
  • Blade technology has changed in the past few years.  Judging a fin by looks is wrong, even three or four brands a make a fin that look like the others, however the materials and technology may be completely different.
  • Achieve the best fit through trying them on with your dive boots.  Each fin we carry, has a different foot pocket designed to fit dive boots of various thickness.  Each dive boot has a different thickness of sole, material and support.  There’s so many in the industry that there’s no guide or rule for fitting.  You want to make sure that your fins do not hurt your ankles or feet.  Remember that if you change boot thicknesses, this also means you need a different set of fins.

Atomic X1 Fin


  • After I read SDI’s article I wanted to though this out there for some divers they might be different fins.  Consider some who dives local and travels might end up with a light travel friendly pair and maybe a pair for dry suit diving which will typically be different due to the huge boot of the drysuit and sometimes drysuit divers want a heavy fin for trim and buoyancy purposes.

Still Need Help selecting your diving fins?  For experienced divers or just going through scuba certifications, Call us at Blue Sea Adventures located just outside East Dallas.  For more information here’s SDI’s full Article and Videos on how to select the right fin.