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Scuba Diving Certification

Earn My Scuba Certification

Taking a  scuba diving certification course through Blue Sea Adventures Scuba Shop is your first step to seeing the underwater world. Scuba diving with a group class is a chance to connect, explore and learn about our aquatic environment.   Scuba diving certification can be a doorway to an adventure or to an entirely new lifestyle.   Each student who enrolls with us who truly wants to be a scuba diver, we can give them the tools, knowledge and skills  to dive like we have, since 2003.

Indoor heated pool for scuba classes

Paralenz Camera

The Paralenz Underwater camera was so small and sturdy we could not believe the performance it delivers.  From the ground up this was made for underwater video.  Some similar action cameras aren't designed for underwater use so they do not have the depth color compensation and wide aperture that this camera can achieve.   Paralenz can be hand held, stick mounted or even mounted on your diving mask. 

Valentina Dive Trip

Join our group scuba diving trips

Adventure begins with us.  Group trips give us a chance to share our common interest with people of all walks of life.  We go to all corners of the globe, join us. Special thanks to those who joined our Sea of Cortez trip aboard the MV Valentina.  It was our first trip via the MV Valentina. We will definitely repeat this trip in two years.  Photo by Lorenzo   

Manta ray at Flower Gardens

Local Scuba Shop
and Local Scuba Diving

Visiting Flower Gardens National Marine Sanctuary with Blue Sea Adventures can be an epic adventure full of pelagics.  Manta Rays and Whate Sharks often frequent Flower Gardens and Stetson Banks.  These next year trips will feature a new shipwreck, The Kracken, popular for wreck diving scuba certifications.

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