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Classes available 
through 2020!

Open Water Certification
$399, Private $599
Global Referral

Refreshers $179
Indoor Heated Pool until Dec 20th
Done in a few hours!

Store Closing Thursday December 19th!  Everything MUST GO!
Every once in a while multiple life events happen which changes your ability or willingness to stay at your current occupation.  This summer I endured tornadoes, death in the family, multiple car wrecks and employee quarreling, while trying to balance two jobs, two kids in Dallas, not in Garland.  Now the opportunity has come to move on.  This will benefit the both of us.  You'll get awesome sale prices on everything in the store.  At these prices no refunds or exchanges, warranties provided through the manufacturer.  Gift cards must be used by Dec 19, all service equipment & special orders must be picked up by Dec 19th.

Whats for Sale? Everthything!

Wetsuits 30%

Gloves, Hoods, Boots 30%
T-Shirts 50%
Training Books & Materials 40%
Scubapro BC's 50%
Bags 30%
Used Tanks $135 and up
Used Regulators $200 and up
New Regulators 30%
New Bc's 30%
New Computers 30%
New Mask, Fins, Snorkels 30%
Compressor & Fill System, $15000
Closeouts may not be combined other discounts or coupons, no refunds.

Manta ray at Flower Gardens

Local Scuba Shop
and Local Scuba Diving

Visiting Flower Gardens National Marine Sanctuary with Blue Sea Adventures can be an epic adventure full of pelagic.  Manta Rays and Whale Sharks often frequent Flower Gardens and Stetson Banks.  These next year trips will feature a new shipwreck, The Kracken, popular for wreck diving scuba certifications.

Store Closing Sale

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