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Friday Sept 18 to Sept 24 we will be closed so my family can attend funerals.  Upon returning from work out west on the 17th, my wifes father went into hospice and pass yesterday evening.  His brother also pass hours later.  On the way down, my wife had an accident with my daughters and dog in the car.  I must return to help them.  I am so sorry for the delay.  Much thanks to those who are understanding that I have no one to turn to. 
Scuba Diving Certification

Earn My Scuba Certification

Taking a  scuba diving certification course through Blue Sea Adventures Scuba Shop is your first step to seeing the underwater world. Scuba diving with a group class is a chance to connect, explore and learn about our aquatic environment.   Scuba diving certification can be a doorway to an adventure or to an entirely new lifestyle.   Each student who enrolls with us who truly wants to be a scuba diver, we can give them the tools, knowledge and skills  to dive like we have, since 2003.

Retirement Sale Starting Tuesday 24 Sept! - Everything MUST GO!
Every once in a while multiple life events happen which changes your ability or willingness to stay at your current occupation.  This summer I endured tornadoes, death in the family, multiple car wrecks and employee quarreling, while trying to balance two jobs, two kids in Dallas, not in Garland.  Now the opportunity has come to move on.  This will benefit the both of us.  You'll get awesome sale prices on everything in the store.  At these prices no refunds or exchanges, warranties provided through the manufacturer.  Gift cards must be used by Nov 23, all service equipment & special orders must be picked up by Nov 23.

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Manta ray at Flower Gardens

Local Scuba Shop
and Local Scuba Diving

Visiting Flower Gardens National Marine Sanctuary with Blue Sea Adventures can be an epic adventure full of pelagic.  Manta Rays and Whale Sharks often frequent Flower Gardens and Stetson Banks.  These next year trips will feature a new shipwreck, The Kracken, popular for wreck diving scuba certifications.

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