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Dive Travel

Travel Newsletter Signup

  • Having a dive travel expert with you on your dive trip makes signing up for dives easy!
  • Reduce stress of traveling to a new destination with a companion
  • We arrange everything but air travel
  • Specialties Certifications can be earned during your dive adventure
  • Small private boats on most trips (12-16 divers)
  • Meet new people with our group and abroad
  • Experience new cuisine & cultures
  • Have Conversations like, “Whats your room look like?” and “Did you see that fish?”
  • Have amazing opportunities to photo bomb group photos
  • Put our dive stickers all over other countries
  • Fill out your dive log book!  We do that right?


Since 2003 we have been all over the world please each new instructor we gain is another with experience traveling to their favorite destinations.  Dive travel has never been easier since gear is lighter and dive travel friendly!  Whether your destination is Indonesia, Philippines, Hawaii or Cozumel we can help you out.  Which is our favorite?  The one you’re going to!  Each person finds something to like in each destination marketing the choice so hard.  If you want we can pick it for you, call us 972-772-8008 or stop by.