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Texas State Parks & Wildlife Department Awards Coins for Diving in 2018

Originally the Texas Clipper was used by Texas A&M for several decades as a training for Sea Cadets.  Now put into the Ships to Reefs program by Texas State Parks & Wildlife department, you can scuba dive it!  There are actually a few other vessels in the Ships to Reefs program which the TPWD has new contest this year to reward you for diving.  Contest includes a reward of medals/coins details are to follow.  

Copy of the form with rules for submission is available at Blue Sea Adventures.

Kraken is the newest of these ships which was sunk near Stetson Banks, which can be visited on our Flower Gardens Trips this year!  The Kraken is named after a legendary giant creature known for its tremendous size off off the coast of Greenland & Norway.  Marine experts think that this was a sailor's view of giant squits which reach up to 50 ft in length.  Its very doubtful that scuba divers will ever see squids but you can dive the Kraken, 371-ft cargo vessel, sunk by the Texas State Parks & Wildlife as part of the Ships to Reef program on January 20, 2017.  Since then the Kraken has been an incredible draw for fish in the area. 

Trips to Flower Gardens:  

Feb 10/11
March 3/4
Arpril 14/15
May 12/13
June 16/17
July 5/6
July 30/Aug 1
Sept 8-9
Oct 13-14

Dives on the Texas Clipper are accessible by a short boat ride from South Padre Island.  Check out American Diving, near a huge RV resort and park in Padre and one of our favorite seafood restaurants, Dirty Al's, where you can get Texas' famous gulf shimp.  If you have not been to South Padre in the past 5 years, you have never been.  In the past few years a huge beach cleanup initiative has returned it to a vacation paradise that Texas deserves.  We have never seen water so clean here which was brought back sea life and brought back South Padre.