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Remember back to your open water class where your 'octo' or safe second as they're called these days, was just dragging through the mud.  Of course this was during the dive that your Alternate Air Source review was on and your buddy, Steve first got a mouthful of sand. You knew this cause his eyes bugged and sand flowed out the exhaust of the regulator before you hear a satisfying gasp from the rental regulator.  Octo clips, are one way to keep this from happening.  Here you can find everything to keep your gear streamlined like hose holders, retractors and stainless steel bolt snaps.
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10 Foot Super Signal Tube


2 Tank Styrofoam Holder


3 Tank Styrofoam Holder


6x8 Large Underwater Slate


8x11 Instructor Slate


Air Blow Gun with Clip


Aloe Kote Plus Medicated


Aloe Kote SPF 25 Lip Balm


Aluminum Noise Maker

$18.00 $26.00

Aqua Maracas


Aquaseal 4oz


Atomic AI Inflator SS Red


Atomic B2 Color Kit


Atomic Cobalt 2 Charging Adapter


Atomic Cobalt 2 Replacement Top Cover


Atomic Fin Buckle Assembly


Atomic Mouthpiece


Atomic SS1 Color Kit


Atomic ST1 Color Kit


Atomic Z2 Color Kit


Atomic Z3 Color Kit


Auri-Dri Ear Drops


Battery Kit Data Plus 2/3


Battery Kit Veo/VP CR2450


Battery Kit, Atom/Geo/F10


Big Eye Sting Ray Plush Toy


Black Rubber Mask Strap


Brite Mark Paint Marker


Comfort Cusion Mouthpiece


Compass Slate w/ Gripper Jr. Retractor


Compass Slate w/ Locking


Crotch Strap 1 Wide"


D-Ring 2 Inch S/S (3/16")"


D-Ring 2" Bent


Deluxe Signal Tube with Exhaust


Din Regulator Cap - Delrin


DIN Tank Pressure Checker


Dive Master Pointer With Snap Clip


Dive Rite Primary Reel


Dive Rite Safety Reel


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