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BC's are the least thought of when talking about performance underwater.   Remember your first open water rental that didn't fit right in shoulders and made it hard to control?  That's not just the rental BC, its the thought and fit that goes into the manufacturing of it.  We highly recommend everyone to try on the BC Jacket before you buy.  Materials can feel very different even if they say they're the same on the websites.  What they don't tell you is how the jacket going to hang on your body and how firm its going to hold the tank.  Manufacturers have tried, few have it right.  Zeagle has its origins from making parachuting harnesses for the military.  This knowledge translates to the diving industry.
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Dive Alert DA-3 Air2 / Du

$55.00 $69.95

Dive Rite Bolt Kit

$9.44 $16.56

Dive Rite Stabilizer Plates for Doubles

$12.50 $16.88

Hollis HTS 2 Harness

$175.00 $349.00

Hollis Solo Harness

$70.00 $99.00

Resort BC Pocket Lg/Xl

$24.00 $32.95

Resort BC Pocket Sm/Md

$20.97 $29.95

Scubapro Classic BC with BPI

$299.99 - $399.99

Scubapro Ladyhawk BC

$149.00 $617.00

Scubapro Weight Pocket 10lbs Single


Single Tank Adapter Stainless Steel

$20.00 $125.00

Used Zeagle Resort BC w/ Inflator

$155.00 $429.95

Zeagle Halo BC

$499.97 $789.95

Zeagle Ranger BC

$599.90 $789.95

Zeagle Resort BC w/ Inflator

$299.00 $429.95

Zeagle Zena BC

$389.87 $566.95