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Zeagle Zena


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  • Elastic front panels with zipper closure for a comfortable, secure fit and a streamlined profile
  • Dual waistbands allow weights to be positioned below waist level for superior comfort and balance
  • Component sizing fits waist, torso length, and chest size independently
  • 31lb capacity bladder
  • 24lb capacity Ripcord weight system
  • 16lb capacity rear mount weight system
  • Expandable mesh "Quick Pocket" at waist
  • 4 Stainless Steel D-Rings
  • Dry Weight: 6.2 lbs
  • The front panel standard colors are: black, blue, grape, neon yellow, neon pink, floral white, floral blue, floral pink, and floral purple
  • Color customization 

Due to variations in body type, the Zena BC component sizing table should be used as a guide only. Different sized components can be combined to best fit the individual. Fitting is best carried out by your local Zeagle dealer.

Fit to waist size so upper band is secure around waist
Fit to torso length, size so upper waist band is at natural waist
Front Panel
Fit to Chest/Bust size
XS 24"-30" XS 12"-15" XS Custom
SM 28"-35" SM 13"-16" SM 30"-34"
MD 34"-37"
LG 28"-38" LG 17"-19" LG 37"-42"
XL 30"-42" XL 19"-21" XL 37"-42"