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Fusilier Blunt Tip Knife

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When you don’t want to notice you’re caring a knife, dive with our Fusilier HYDRALLOY® knife. It is small, lightweight and designed to fit every diving style while providing peace of mind.

Its features include UK’s HYDRALLOY steel blade for durability and corrosion resistance, a serrated edge that quickly cuts through rope and fishing line, and blunt tip blade ideal for prying small objects.

Dimensions (L W H in/cm): 8.00 x 1.60 x 0.70 in / 20.32 x 4.06 cm x 1.78 cm

Blade Material: Hydralloy

Blade Tip: Blunt Tip

Weight: 5.60 oz / 158.76 g

Blade Length: 3.70 in / 9.40 cm