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Finding your correct scuba mask.  Why is this important?



  • Finding the correct scuba mask for you is very imporant because this will make your dive better or worse.  If your scuba mask leaks continuously, not only will it detract for the dive and make it difficult to see the critters you came to see, but it will also waste your valuable air.  Your dive time relies on the amount of air that you have.  
  • Each scuba mask make & model is made to fit a different size or shape of face, so trying one one is necessary to get a good seal.  



Can I get a good fit buying one online?  


Rarely because the size is hard to measure without seeing it in person and you'll get to test how good your vision really is before you buy it.  How soft and durable the silicone skirt is also will make a difference on fit.

Defogging your Scuba Mask 

Biggest factor in defogging your mask, is starting with clean mask, if you haven't cleaned it before this dive, do so.  Oils that you can't see can prevent the defog from sticking in the first place.  

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Atomic SubFrame Mask


Atomic Subframe Prescription Lens


Atomic Venom Dive Mask

$159.00 $259.95

Atomic Venom Frameless Mask


Bare Duo C Mask


Cressi Calibro Mask

$84.95 - $99.95

Cressi Nano Crystal Mask


Dive Optx - Optics


Frog Spit (Sport Pump)


Mares IC3 Liquidskin Mask

$45.00 $72.00

Neoprene Buckle Mask Strap


Ocean Reef G Divers Surface Air Valve


Ocean Reef Neptune Space G DIver Full Face Mask


Reefsafe Mask Seal


Scubamax Navigator Dive Mask


Scubamax Spider Mask (pink filter)


Scubapro Scout Mask

$69.00 $79.00

Scubapro Synergy Twin Trufit Mask

$69.00 $119.00

Seac L70 Mask Black / Black


Seavision 2000 Clear Skirt Mask

$59.00 $99.00

Seavision 2000 Color Correcting Mask

$59.00 $99.00

Space Extender Full Face Mask


Strap Wrapper Neoprene Mask Strap


Tusa Ceos Dive Mask


Tusa Freedom Elite Mask

$74.95 $80.00

Tusa Freedom HD Dive Mask

$79.95 $89.00

Tusa Freedom One Scuba Mask

$79.95 $89.00

Tusa Freedom Quad Dive Mask

$79.95 $89.00

Tusa Paragon Dive Mask

$179.00 $200.00

Tusa Tri-Quest 3 Window Mask


X-Vu Liquidskin