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My first dive tank from 1986 was a short 63 cubic foot with steel blue exterior.  Came in real handy until college, and just like a good diver, I'd ask my mom to take to the dallas dive shop for its annual Visual Inspection.  One day she gave me the polite mom, "No" which had more words for sure because as she explained was half her weight and couldn't carry it.  She was right.  So being reminded of the responsibilities of a compressed gas cylinder, we do offer rentals.  To make sure its here when you arrive you can use our online rental reservation.  For those who dive often and want to check your gear, or beat the line at the scuba park, we offer a good selection of scuba tanks and compressed scuba tank accessories.
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2 Tank Styrofoam Holder


3 Tank Styrofoam Holder


Aluminum Scuba Tank 80cuft


DIN Tank Pressure Checker


Din Tank Valve Plug - Delrin


Rubber Tank Wrap kit (pair)


Scuba Tank O-ring Kit (Viton)


Scuba Tank Oring Kit 12


Tank Boot 7.25" Octogonal