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Oceanic Omega 3 Yellow

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Manufacturer #:40-8294-18

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A Daringly Unique Design The core of the Omega 3 is its durable levered servo valve. Truly one of diving's most unique regulator valve designs. It delivers airflow that is proportional to your demand without the sudden rush of air at depth or fluttering when you're shallow. We accomplished this feat with an ingenious two chamber balanced design that provides pressure assisted air-flow and near zero inhalation effort. Unlike other regulators, the Omega 3 has no need for an inhalation-effort adjustment knob. The Omega 3 valve is constructed from a tough and corrosion resistant chrome plated marine brass valve that has better cold water performance and all-round breathing experience than standard valve designs. The all-metal valve encourages condensation of water vapor from your exhalation on the valve housing. When you inhale, condensed water vapor circulates with the airflow and helps reduce "dry mouth" and increases your overall level of comfort. The servo valve also has no up or down, meaning that it's a truly ambidextrous breather. This design allows you to comfortably route hoses anyway you like and makes the Omega 3 a great choice in an emergency as an backup air source. The positioning of the side exhaust valve is another example of purposeful design. Keeping exhaust bubbles out of your field of view is a huge benefit for all divers. Photographers and videographers however, will be especially thankful for the unobstructed views. The Omega 3 second stage comes paired with our new first stage FDX-i. The cold-forged, over-balanced diaphragm FDX-i is environmentally sealed and comes with our patented Dry Valve Technology (DVT). Its in-line design limits the pressure loss inherent in "L" type first stage designs making the FDX-i more efficient and lighter due to its compact form. These two innovative and high-performance designs combine to provide a breathing experience that is second to none. Second Stage Omega 3 Unique all metal levered servo valve automatically maintains minimal inhalation effort throughout the entire dive Patented Dynamic Adjustment automatically maintains inhalation effort throughout the dive Simple twist dive/pre-dive adjustment Inline ball swivel reduces jaw fatigue Orthodontic mouthpiece Paired with the FDX-i first stage