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Scuba Shop in Garland

Blue Sea Adventures

Repainted in 2016, New sign, Lights and even climate control system in the indoor heated pool area! This was a year of huge improvements. Since 1984 this building was purpose built as a scuba diving shop with an indoor heated pool. Around 2000 the pool was converted to a salt water pool and the interior was remodeled. Stop by and check us out now since our improvements.

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San Solomon Springs at Balmorhea State Park

Open Water Class

Taking a scuba diving certification class through Blue Sea Adventures will give you many options. The diving portion during the winter is often held at Balmorhea State Park in Toyavale, Texas. The springs are known as San Solomon Springs. Many of the critters there are rare and very small so they're very fun for the entry level scuba diver to observe in a crystal clear water enviroment.

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Green Moray Eel

Sorry I show my teeth when I breath

Stopping for a second for this shot at Playa del Carmen was difficult because the currents are very strong. Stopping isn't the correct word, its really pausing for a second.

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Pretty Poison

Lionfish are pretty but they need to be eaten... by us or anyone really. They're poisonous to other fish and will take over a reef. Lionfish are from another ocean and Carribean fish do not have a defense for their toxin.

Look I gots no claw!

Spiney Lobster at Stetson Banks

Spiney Lobster came out to say hello at this dive in 2016 at Stetson Banks with Blue Sea Adventures. In the full footage, the lobster's antennae nearly touch the camera, in daylight which shows you how unafraid their are of scuba divers.

Divers finding teasure

Awesome window art

Storefront Window Art by Dave Coley's Designs, stop by and check it out, here's more great art by davidcoleyart.wixsite.com Thanks Dave!

Spiney Soft Shell Turtle

Spiney Soft Shell Turtle at San Solomon Springs

This spiney soft shell turtle only exists here at San Solomon Springs which is under threat from oil production. In 2016 the State of Texas expressed interest in selling this land off to oil drilling. The water table level which is dependent upon what's below it, is threatened by this project. The turtles can only survive in fresh spring water.

Not So Needle in a Haystack

Fluoroscopic Coral at Flower Gardens

So called because there wan't much that was fluoroscopic at Flower Gardens so if you did see something, it was very bright, especially when using the proper UV filter. Taken using Light and Motion's Sola Night Dive Fluoroscopic UV light and a UV filter on a Hero4. Light for demo is in stock at Blue Sea Adventures and often accompanies us on trips!

Oil Rigs are Pretty

Diving at an oil rig

Here's Neal and Troy diving on an Oil Rig. The legs of the structure have been in the water long enough for coral growth to completely cover it. This artificial reef is home to many fish, crustaceans, and even pelagic (larger deep ocean critters).

Blue Sea Adventures Indoor Heated Pool

Salt Water Pool

Blue Sea Adventures' indoor heated salt water pool is 3 foot at the shallow end and 12 feet at the deep. Which makes it perfect for practicing scuba mask clearing during your Open Water Certification Class or hovering in the deep end. Don't forgot for scuba divers who purchase scuba gear, such as a Zeagle Halo Buoyancy Compensator, can use our pool to play. We also hold swimming lessons through Black Tip Swim School. Our scuba diving and swimming pool is open for rental too and close to downtown Dallas.

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Diving News in Dallas

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New Advanced Scuba Certification!

On 10 May 2017

Scuba certification class

Congratulations Advanced Scuba Certification Divers!

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